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Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Being prepared for doing business in a professional manner means using the correct forms and procedures common in the apparel industry. Forms For Profit will give you the templates, in which you can incorporate your own logo. There forms will save valuable time in getting it right! Some forms, e.g. invoices, cost sheets, sales order forms, have been built in a dynamic format so calculations can be achieved in Microsoft Excel. Forms For Profit Blanks Plus Example: Cash Analysis, Startup Cost Analysis, Pattern Card, Purchase Order, Invoice, Credit Application, Bill of Materials, Cutting Ticket, Picking Ticket, Packing Slip, Women s Croquis (2), Child Croquis, Line Sheet Templates, Non-Disclosure Agreement-Examples, Contractor & Subcontractor Contract Example, Cost Sheet Examples, Specification Sheet for Tops, Specification Sheet for Pants, Salesman Commission Potential, Sales Representative Agreement, Sales Order Forms, Order Confirmation Also included on this valuable CD are professional body templates that can be used as a base for illustrations, and/or specifications. Print and use, or, use as a guide in illustrator software design development- women s and children s templates.

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