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Brand Building for Profit DVD

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The DVD, Brand Building For Profit, provides a clear and precise explanation of what every apparel entrepreneur should consider when planning and starting a new fashion label. It also explains the many financial benefits of brand building. In today’s brand conscious world, apparel companies such as Nike, Donna Karan, Juicy Couture, Quiksilver and Calvin Klein have all become iconic American apparel labels that have influenced global popular culture. Companies are ultimately recognized and identified by the name or logo they invent. A trademark can be the hottest asset a business owns because it distinguishes their product. Successfully branded labels lead to profitable licensing deals. Brand Building for Profit examines the various steps a new company should take to begin this important brand-building process. A logo, trademark and a good story can lead to lucrative licensing opportunities—the goal of all new apparel manufacturers. Additionally, creating a recognizable brand will also allow the manufacturer to demand a higher price for their product, because branded goods have a certain perceived value, often of consistent quality and fit. Interestingly, for the most part, branded products have no real added quality value that differentiates them from non-branded goods other than a branded logo. When reading Brand Building for Profit, you will begin to understand the process of creating a brand, and the many possible branding opportunities that are available in today’s global marketplace to apparel designers and manufacturers.

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