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Design to Profit™ Webinar Series (with valid Fashion Business Inc. Annual Membership)

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Inspired by Frances Harder’s book, Fashion for Profit™, and designed for entrepreneurs looking to jump start their journey into the fashion world, this webinar-based modular program provides the fundamentals of creating a successful fashion business.  Each module represents a separate topic required for running a company.  We highly recommend viewing the entire program to gain better awareness of all there is to know about this highly complex industry.  The sixteen modules combined will give you the essential tools needed to establish your fashion brand.

16 Modular Webinar Series include:

  1. Fundamentals of a Fashion Business
  2. Getting Started and Branding Strategy
  3. Creating a Business Plan and Investment Deck
  4. Business Finance, Cash Flow, and Funding
  5. Legal Requirements, Copyrights, and Intellectual Property Protection
  6. Textiles, Fabric and Trim Sourcing
  7. Merchandise Planning
  8. Design, Tech Pack, Flats, and Line Sheets
  9. Product Development and Sourcing
  10. Product Costing
  11. Production Procedures
  12. Traditional vs. Online Marketing
  13. Traditional vs. Online Sales
  14. Selling Globally
  15. The Future of Textiles and Fashion
  16. Special Bonus: Entering the US Market (ideal for International Members)

    After completion of this webinar series and with a sound business and financial plan in hand, you are now ready to put pen to fabric and turn your fashion dreams into reality.  Our Design to Profit ™ Intensive is the trusted solution.  This special one-on-one personalized program focuses on developing your brand and building as successful fashion business.  For more details, contact us (213) 892-1669 or email

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