What is with this trend in the media for the females?

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It seems they all HAVE to wear the “Uniform of the Sleeveless, Short Skirted Dresses”!! And the men with their pathetic tie, the only symbol to differentiate themselves from the next guy!! – Again, I just don’t get it!!

Why is it that every time I turn on the TV there is a female announcer, or a female expert being interviewed wearing a sleeveless dress sitting on a high chair with a short skirt that exposes most of their upper parts of their thighs. Then, their male counterpart is dressed in their usual boring dark suit uniforms with their SO exciting red or blue, or maybe a subtle patterned tie. This being sadly their only choice of self-expression. Come on stylist, use some creativity and clothe your clients in clothing that suits their body and personality! Today as never before in the history of fashion women can wear anything that they feel suits their own personality. So why do many of these aging females feel they must all wear this uniform? Unfortunately, the facts on our body are sadly obvious. The first thing to go in the average female is the upper arms, knees and thighs.  So why wear these sleeveless, short dresses when there are other choices that could be just as sexy!  

It used to be in the 80s and 90s that males would be wearing their usual boring jacket and pants, with the token blue or white shirt, highlighted with the usual colored tie and their female counter parts would be wearing those ugly pant suits. I am guilty and had my own share for pant suits in my wardrobe.  But now that trend has been slowly replaced and females are now wearing the sleeveless sheath dress uniform that also must expose as much of the wearers legs as decently possible while they sit on those high stools! SO SEXY!! But then again maybe a better trend than the pant suit!! However, maybe I should be talking more about changing the poor men’s choices in acceptable attire, or lack thereof! Thankfully, we are seeing men wearing less and less of the two-hundred-year-old tie uniform and opting to wear a button or two open on their shirts! Wow!!!





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