Sow Good Seeds – Think Before Sowing Bad Seeds

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Most of us have been guilty of doing it! It almost comes more natural for us to say negative things about other people and sow bad seeds than to say positive and good things. The damage a few negative comments can make can destroy, or cause such waves of negative repercussions and damage that some people may have their personnel lives, and, or their careers permanently damaged. A few ill-chosen words to the wrong person who is then willing to pass on negative information to others can have devastating long term consequences.

Especially in today’s toxic political environment, negative news and gossip fills the news channels and newspapers, feeding in to our lust for negative news and at the same time it stirs up anger and division within our society. I have never personally experienced such wide spread division both within the United States but also around the world.  It has reached a point here in the States that we are now at a stage where we are talking about a war with North Korea, which is terrifying to consider a third world war that could end the World as we know it. A possible war that is being built on negative actions instead of positive discussions. Discussions that instead of stirring up anger and mistrust could find solutions to smooth the unrest that seems to be permeating the world. 

Like most of us I have personally been the recipient of malicious gossip, which has eventually gotten back to me. It has been particularly vicious over the past few years since founding the Fashion Business Incorporated and this maliciousness has come mostly from the same source. I have constantly tried to ignore these attacks that many of my friends and associates have fed back to me because they felt I should be aware of these attacks. At times, I have been able to observe this person’s behavior when talking of others and it has been a real learning experience witnessing the negative outlook that they have on other people and situations. The old saying of “if you can’t say anything nice about a person then don’t say it” is so very true.  However, the good news is that I can console myself knowing that I am not alone and that many others get the same treatment from the same individual.  Just don’t leave the room before them!!:)

We are all guilty, both men and women of talking about other people and putting a negative spin on gossip. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just think first about the impact of sowing a bad thought and try and curb our natural human instincts, and work harder to sow good positive thoughts and healthy seeds. Like gardening, sowing good seeds will reward us with positive and worthwhile fruitful relationships.  I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful family, good friends and work associates. I think I have worked hard to nourish these relationships. I continue to learn and try to think before planting any bad seeds, or passing on gossip that is negative and harmful. Good thoughts and deeds do reward us eventually.

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