Really Ivanka! Business is Business! Politics are Politics!

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This week retail giants Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, among other bricks and mortar stores, plus online stores Belk, Jet and ShopStyle, have decided to drop Ivanka Trump’s brand. How could that possibly be? Well, it could be that Ivanka’s brand was not selling as had hoped combined with our contentious political situation. But maybe we need to ask what happened to the Trump promise to distance himself from any conflict of interest with his own family for profit businesses? It seems clear with this latest set of tweeting that there is a huge conflict of interest?  

Why, if Ivanka’s brand was selling and making a profit would any store decide to drop it? The retail situation today is grim enough and so if a particular brand is not performing as predicted, then guess what? The stores will decide to drop that brand and replace it with others.  It all boils down to retail Math 101 and the mighty power of the dollar! Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus both claim that the move was prompted by lagging sales, and not the political climate.  

However, our thin-skinned President could not refrain from tweeting and defending his daughter while lambasting Nordstrom’s decision. For someone who has one HUGE ego and who has proven that he cannot take any form of criticism without a tweet, and given that in the last few weeks of constant spotlights that he would try to learn to be more reflective. How about working on being a little less sensitive to criticism, or at least waiting 24 hours before tweeting to the world. How about taking a breath and try to think things through, and thereby control his quick-tempered emotions? He has no problem going for the jugular on others who he feels has done anything to offend him, or in this case offend his daughter. It could be a good time for him to pick up yoga!

My advice to Ivanka would be to work on improving her line for next season, which should include investing in producing her line in the US! This would give her brand a real boost, “Proudly Made in the USA”.  Would this decision make her clothing too expensive? Maybe not.  President Trump recently told the New York Times that he’d support a 45% tariff on Chinese exports to the US. So, Ivanka should get herself organized and create the Ivanka label here in the USA with the support of her dear father! Additionally, the Chinese are clamoring to buy clothing products produced in the USA. So, all this week’s drama could all turn out to be the very best thing to have happened to the Ivanka brand! Plus, a positive result for American workers and for our own economy.

But, for those who love Ivanka’s line as it is please don’t despair!  Still, dozens of other retailers continue to carry the Ivanka Trump brand. Here's a running list to date of those companies, courtesy of #GrabYourWallet.

Macy's - clothing and shoes

Bloomingdales - shoes and handbags

Dillard’s - clothing, shoes, and handbagsr

Zappos - clothing, shoes, and handbags

Amazon - clothing, shoes, and handbags

TJ Maxx - brick and mortar only

Lord & Taylor - clothing, jewelry, and handbags

Bed Bath & beyond - diaper bags - clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories

Hudson’s bay - clothing, shoes, and accessories

DSW - shoes

Bluefly - shoes

Burlington Coat Factory - clothing

Marshall's - brick and mortar only

Overstock - shoes

Ross - brick and mortar only

Saks off fifth - clothing

Sears - shoes, clothing, handbags, jewelry

Walmart - clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories

Century 21 - clothing, shoes, accessories

Buy Buy Baby - diaper bag, baby shoes

Bon-Ton Stores ( Bon-Ton, Carson’s, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, Younker’s) - clothing, shoes, and baby apparel

Filene’s Basement - clothing, shoes

Steinmart - accessories

Winners - brick and mortar only

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